Statement from our Owner

In this extremely difficult time, we encourage our customers to join us in our support of the Ukrainian people.
We want to provide you with several resources to do so. (see below)

Hello All, 

As you may be aware, there is an ongoing tragedy in Eastern Europe, with the Russian president invading and attacking its neighbor country, Ukraine. I would like to give you some background in hopes of shedding some light on our company and its history.  

The original founders of Piroshky Piroshky immigrated from Estonia in the late 1980s. 

I, myself, immigrated from Russia in 1999 and have been a citizen of the United States since I was 17 years old.  What is happening right now is both horrifying and unacceptable, and most Russian people are against the President’s military actions in Ukraine. 

Our two nations and their people have centuries of history that are intertwined, while many share both backgrounds.  Even though we don’t have an “easy” history – no one would have thought that this tragedy would ever unfold.  

A little bit about the fabric of our company – since its founding we have been able to create a diverse and safe work environment and culture over the years, without discrimination. We proudly represent what true diversity looks like – and we will continue to strive to uphold our values!  

We have people that were born here, and those that have immigrated from all over the world.  Out of about 60 persons companywide, we have four Russian-speaking members – including me, the other 3 have Ukrainian roots and once (or still) called Ukraine their home!  Our hearts are hurting for them, and we are trying to be here for them as much as we can!  

As some of you may have possibly experienced or heard/read – this conflict has brought up some anti-Russian sentiment not only towards people in Russia but towards “Russian-related” people and businesses across the world – even in a diverse country such as the U.S.  

Piroshky Piroshky has inspired a lot of emotions in some; I want to underscore the company’s history, cultural fabric, and diversity in light of this.

We have seen some negative social media feedback, and I want to state that even if this feedback is possible, in someone’s view, “fair” towards me, it is, absolutely, unacceptable to the other 99% of individuals who work at Piroshky Piroshky, who make this company what it is. I would like to emphasize that if you are to be approached in a negative way, your priority is your safety and comfort. If you are being asked questions and you feel comfortable.

I encourage you to share your feelings and thoughts. If you do not want to engage in conversation, you are not obligated to. This is YOUR choice; this is the freedom of speech that this country has been built upon!  

Please reach out to your manager about any negative incidents that you might experience (we hope this isn’t the case), as my number one priority is to keep you safe! I would like to extend a standing invitation to all of you who might want to speak with me one on one with any questions or concerns.    

I can only hope that we can reflect and learn that this is a time to unite and not divide! This conflict is devastating lives, families, cities, communities and will be felt by all parties involved for many years to come. 

Thank you, 


Ukraine Support 🇺🇦

On February 24th, early in the morning, the Russian president began the invasion of its neighborly country, Ukraine. The whole world was shocked at the horrendous devastation caused by this unprovoked attack.
What is currently unfolding on Ukrainian territories is indeed a crime against humanity, not just a crime against Ukrainians and their land.
In our time, where a peaceful tomorrow isn’t promised, it is crucially important to stand together and support one another in times of need. It is important to show solidarity, speak up and stand up for what is right.
In this extremely difficult time, we encourage our customers to join us in our support of the Ukrainian people. Today, we want to provide you with several resources to do so.
If you would like to donate funds towards helping the Ukrainian army, please visit the links below:
The Come Back Alive Foundation provides the Ukrainian army with urgently needed supplies, armor, equipment, and more.
The Razom Foundation is focused on purchasing medical supplies for critical situations such as blood loss and other tactical medicine items. They are also working with governments and embassies on humanitarian corridors.
Revived Soldiers Ukraine is a non-profit working on delivering medical equipment, supplies, medications, and other humanitarian aid to the soldiers of Ukraine. With Revived Soldiers Ukraine, you can either donate directly or help Ukrainian soldiers by purchasing from Amazon.
As most Ukrainians are uniting to fight for their freedom and peaceful future, we are also called to unite and help the beautiful country of Ukraine. During this dark and difficult time, let’s stand together with the nation of Ukraine.