Help Save Seattles Historic (Hahn Building) from Demolition: A Cultural Landmark ​at the entrance of Pike Place Market.

Save the entrance to the market.

Seattle’s iconic entrance to the Pike Place Market, a symbol of the city’s rich cultural history and a destination for millions of visitors each year, is at risk. A group of developers are proposing to demolish the historic Green Tortoise (Hahn) building at the market entrance, which dates back to the 1890s, to replace it with a 14-story hotel that has no parking.

This proposed development, which is registered as City of Seattle Project #3024828 at 103 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98101, has raised serious concerns among residents and preservationists. The Hahn building has been an integral part of the market entrance since its inception, and its demolition would permanently alter the symmetry and scale of the four corners of the Pike Place Market entrance.

Moreover, the development would displace the affordable housing for travelers provided by the Green Tortoise Hotel and would significantly increase traffic congestion due to the complete lack of parking associated with the proposed hotel. This would lead to street blockages as hotel guests are constantly dropped off and picked up on Pike Street, which is only one lane.

“We, the undersigned, collectively express our concerns regarding the proposed Hahn building development and its potential to destroy the cultural and historical significance of Pike Place Market’s entrance,” says a spokesperson for Save the Market Entrance, a group of concerned citizens who are advocating to preserve the historic character of the world-renowned Pike Place Market. “This development can’t be undone, and it would be a devastating loss for our city and its residents.”

To help preserve the iconic entrance to Seattle’s Pike Place Market and its rich cultural history, please consider supporting the Save the Market Entrance GoFundMe campaign. Your contribution can help fund advocacy efforts and legal battles to halt the proposed development and preserve this beloved landmark for generations to come. Every dollar counts towards saving this important piece of Seattle’s history. Visit the campaign page now to make a difference.

Save the Market Entrance has launched a website 

The Facebook page (Save The Market Entrance) has started to raise awareness about this issue and urge the City of Seattle to stop the proposed development. The Pike Place Market is a crown jewel of the city, enjoyed by 10 million people annually, and it is vital that its historic character is preserved for future generations.