We first opened our doors on October 24th, 1992 in Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, started by the Kotelnikov family, with just $1,200 to invest in the bakery. 

This was accomplished with the help of friends and strangers (many of whom were immigrants of Russian descent) a very basic business plan and the dream of bringing a taste of Russia to the Pacific Northwest. 

By blending traditional recipes with local flavor, our selection of Piroshkies grew to offer a wide array of choices both savory and sweet. 

With this simple recipe for success, out of a tiny little bakery and humble beginnings, our oven’s aroma quickly created long lines.  

Over time, we’ve grown from being a local favorite to a worldwide tourist destination. We’re celebrated among notable Chefs and hungry people alike.

Along the way, we’ve been voted one of “The 20 Most Iconic Food Destinations Across America” by the Smithsonian, and have been featured on several “Best Of” lists for Seattle and the USA as well as features on The Food Network & Travel Channel. 

Today we offer Pickup, Catering, FREE Delivery in Seattle Area, and Pre-Order Delivery Events Nationwide.  

While a lot has changed since 1992, what hasn’t is our Piroshkies are still individually made from scratch and hand-molded into their very own unique shapes for you. 

Each of our 32 different Piroshkies is made fresh by hand every day. From our Smoked Salmon Pate to our Uli’s Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage, from Apple Cinnamon Rolls to Cinnamon Cardamom Braids, every Piroshky we make follows twenty-nine years of tradition.  

Thank you to everyone that continues to #SupportLocal and share #PiroshkyLove. 💛❤️💛 We look forward to continuing to share our celebrated tradition into our 30th and well beyond with you.✨