Piroshky Piroshky Goes to the South Pole and Beyond!

Grab a piroshky from Seattle’s famous bakery on your commute or before a show with our newest location at the Seattle Summit Convention Center, coming soon! 

 Seattle’s beloved bakery, Piroshky Piroshky, is taking its famous East European pastries to new heights – or should we say, new latitudes! In an unprecedented move, the company has opened a store in the most remote and inhospitable place on Earth: the South Pole Scientific Research Station.

“We’re thrilled to bring a taste of home to the brave people who are pushing the boundaries of science and exploration in one of the harshest environments on the planet,” said Olga Sagan, the owner of Piroshky Piroshky. “Our piroshky will warm their hearts and their bellies, nourishing both their souls and their bodies as they work to push back the boundaries of the unknown.”  

To make the South Pole location a reality, Piroshky Piroshky had to overcome numerous logistical challenges, such as finding a reliable supplier of flour and butter that can withstand the extreme cold, training a team of bakers to operate in a low-oxygen environment, and devising a way to transport the piroshky to the station without them freezing solid.  

But what if you’re not a scientist or an intrepid explorer, and you can’t travel to the South Pole? Don’t worry; Piroshky Piroshky has got you covered. The company is also opening a new store in a more accessible location: the Seattle Convention Center Summit.  

“Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can now enjoy our piroshky all year round, even if you can’t make it to the South Pole,” said Sagan. “And don’t forget, our piroshky are best enjoyed hot out from the oven.”  

So, mark your calendars and head to Piroshky Piroshky’s new locations – one at the end of the world, and one at the top of the city. Because when it comes to piroshky, distance is just a number.  

“We had to think outside the box – or rather, the freezer – to make it work,” said Sagan. “But we’re confident that our piroshky will be a hit, especially with the penguins. They already have a new favorite buddy: Phinn, our salmon piroshky mascot!”  

– Olga Sagan, Owner, Piroshky Piroshky 

About Piroshky Piroshky: Piroshky Piroshky was founded in 1992 and is a PNW-based company serving original recipes and handmade products for 30 years. Today, we offer our world-famous pastries at multiple locations throughout the PNW as well as catering and online ordering across the United States. To learn more about the Piroshky Piroshky brand, please visit our website PiroshkyBakery.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please don’t take this press release too seriously, it’s a parody.