8 Great Reasons to Love Piroshky Piroshky

A kneading of tastes & cultures, since 1992.

If you have ever visited our bakery, it is likely that you are already a fan! However, if you are new to us, you might need a little more convincing. We understand 🙂 Here, we have compiled 8 reasons to enjoy Piroshky Piroshky anytime whenever you are craving our famous handmade pies.

1. Unique & Original Flavor

At Piroshky Piroshky, we offer all types of flavors – traditional, local, and flavors from all over the world!  Since 1992, we’ve served original recipes with a PNW twist.

Cultivating traditional recipes and integrating them with tastes from all over the world. From our traditional fare such as our Cinnamon Cardamom Braid to our Smoked Salmon Pate piroshky, we embrace diversity, not only in our pastries but in everything we do, especially our menu!

2. High Quality Quick Bites

Each of our 32 different Piroshkies is made fresh by hand every day. From our Smoked Salmon Pate to our Uli’s Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage, from Apple Cinnamon Rolls to Cinnamon Cardamom Braids, every Piroshky we make follows thirty years of tradition.  

All our pastries are made with love, for you to enjoy. Whether you visit one of our three locations or order online – you can always count on your piroshky to be fresh-out-of-the-oven delicious.

Potato & Cheese – A hit with fans children and adults alike.

3. Premium Ingredients

Not only are our piroshky made from scratch and by hand, we only use carefully selected premium ingredients to prepare our items.

Our Chocolate Cream Hazelnut roll is made with house-made hazelnut Chocolate with actual bits of Hazelnut.

The Cheddar Garlic Roll is filled with award-winning naturally aged creamy Tillamook cheddar cheese, fresh green onions, and garlic until it is bursting with flavor.

Veggie Chipotle is filled with crumbled Field Roast, a spicy Mexican plant-based sausage seasoned to perfection with cumin and oregano. From sweet to savory, each one of our menu items is crafted with care. 

4. Supporting Small Business

Including a PNW twist in our pies means we’re committed to supporting local businesses and incorporating local flavors into our traditional piroshky.

Many of our piroshky contain seasonings from Market Spice, a world-famous purveyor located in the Pike Place Market for over 100 years! When you’re biting into our Jalapeno Cheese Sausage or Chicken, Curry & Rice piroshky – you will taste the house-blended and handcrafted Uli’s Famous Sausage.

Our best-selling Beef and Cheese piroshky has award-winning, naturally-aged cheddar from Tillamook Cheese and fresh beef from Mondo & Son’s meatpacking.  This fourth-generation family-owned butcher shop uses locally sourced and sustainable proteins. Our Spinach, Ham & Cheese Piroshky contains their small-batch artisanal ham.

Whether it is Field Roast, Uli’s Famous Sausage, Tillamook Cheddar, Market Spice, or Mondo & Sons we work together to support and promote other Seattle & Northwest economies.

Working w/ our Local Partners is just one of the ways we integrate PNW flavor into our menu.

Not only are you enjoying an item that tastes good, when you purchase an item from us, but you are also often supporting multiple local and small businesses. So you can feel good too!

5. Seattle’s Iconic Bakery

We have been serving our original recipes for over 30 years. Over time, we’ve grown from being a local favorite to a worldwide tourist destination.

We’re celebrated among notable Chefs and hungry people alike. Along the way, we’ve been voted one of “The 20 Most Iconic Food Destinations Across America” by the Smithsonian, and have been featured on several “Best Of” lists for Seattle and the USA as well as features on The Food Network & Travel Channel.

Chef Andrew Zimmern Films for his Travel Channel show “The Zimmern List”

While a lot has changed since 1992, what hasn’t is our Piroshkies are still individually made from scratch and hand-molded into their very own unique shapes for you. 

When you’re stopping by Piroshky Piroshky bakery, you can rest assured that you are getting the tastiest piroshky around! After all, we have been serving our original recipes since 1992.

6. Convenient Grab-and-Go

We offer convenient ordering for a convenient grab-and-go option for a snack or light meal during busy weeks. With Pre-Order and In-Store Pickup, as well as On-Demand Delivery and Free Local Delivery, the choice is yours.

FREE. LOCAL. DELIVERY. Yes, delivery is on us! Instead of supporting third-party delivery apps, we are proud to offer our own, independent free local delivery.

So next time you’re at the office, or at home, and you find yourself craving a piroshky – rest assured that we are only one call or click away!

With multiple convenient options to order,
we’re perfect for grab-and-go!

7. Rotating Menu

We’re constantly updating our menu offerings. Every month we have a new savory and sweet seasonal option as well as launching new menu items. If you’re looking for an old favorite, or a new classic, like our monthly rotating seasonal menu, our Vegan Potato & the just-added Potato & Mushroom Puff, or brand-new Impossible Beef & Onion piroshky, we always have something fresh and amazing from our ovens for you.

2021 Seasonal Items
2021 Seasonal Items

8. YOU!

We can give you lots of reasons that people enjoy our pies, but don’t just take our word for it! As passionate as we are about bringing you the best piroshky possible, we are proud to have such a loyal & passionate customer base to spread the word.  Thanks to you, we’re the #1 rated bakery in Seattle on Yelp and accolades on Google reviews & Facebook.

Piroshky Piroshky, great even after a meal. And definitely worth putting on pants for.

Our customers are our Brand Ambassadors sharing #pirsohkylove. If you’ve not tried Piroshky Piroshky, give us a try and we think you’ll agree. It’s our 30th year in business, we’re celebrating and giving you new reasons to love us all year long.

Still can’t decide? With so many amazing choices, we are always happy to offer suggestions and guide you in your selection, stop by today or reach out and let us help you.