Meet Our Mascot

Phinn the Salmon Piroshky: Always ready for adventure on the go, they are the perfect mealtime companion!

Say Hello to the Piroshky Piroshky ‘mascot’, Phinn the Salmon Piroshky.

Always ready for adventure on the go, they are the perfect mealtime companion, and on a cold day a great way to keep your hands warm!

Here are some tasty tidbits about this flaky savory little pie of salmon.


Phinn is a piroshky filled with salmon pâté. When Phinn the Salmon Piroshky was just a little pie, they knew they wanted to be a star. Lucky for them, they were born with the perfect ingredients to achieve their dreams! Made in the Pacific Northwest, they originally called the Pike Place Market in Seattle home.

Inside a glass case on a countertop in a very tiny bakery, they found residence among the other delicious piroshky. Every day, once the ovens turned on, the aroma would waft out of the bakery and into the market, which would always create a line out of the door.

Behind the glass counter, they loved the way everyone in line looked at them with admiration and joy, and they wanted to make everyone feel the same.

Sometimes they could hear fishmongers at the Market Entrance throwing their relatives up in the air and people clapping with awe and joy, which always brings a lot of nostalgia from Salmon’s early days.

Phinn was happy knowing that people loved their food as much as they loved making it.

As much as they loved living in the bakery, the Salmon Piroshky would dream of adventure with the wish to warm hearts and hands everywhere.  Whether it was exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest, going on a walk in their paper bag through the city, or cheering on the home team at a game, this little pie was made to be on the go! It even enjoyed its therapeutic time in the freezer once in a while!

So, they set out into the world, making friends wherever they went. Hikers, foodies, athletes, tourists, celebrities, travelers, chefs, entire families, and even kids, everyone loved them! Word spread quickly, their willingness to go anywhere anytime makes them the perfect mealtime companion.

Even with their newfound fame and popularity across the globe, they knew their journey was far from over! Salmon Piroshky’s desire for stardom and adventure only grew stronger over time. Now was the moment for them to spread their little fins and fly.

High protein content helps this little salmon travel all over the United States. Sharing piroshky love wherever they go, making friends with everyone they meet, leaving only a trail of tasty crumbs and happy smiles behind.

You can keep up with their latest adventures by following along @piroshkybakery | @piroshkypirohsky

Facts About Phinn the Salmon Piroshky:

  • Was born to be a star!
  • Also filled with cream cheese, a dash of dill, and onion
  • A flair for the dramatic & master of disguise!
  • Dreams of warming hearts and hands everywhere.
  • Is totally Instagrammable.
  • Packed w/ Protein this little fish is always full of energy
  • Is made by hand loves the freezer and is great reheated.
  • Has friends all around the world.
  • All-Star! Omega-3s keep Salmon Pirosky fit & active.
  • Your perfect mealtime companion!
  • Always looking for their next adventure.

Favorite Quote:

“That’s how I roll.”

– Salmon Piroshky


To spread piroshky love wrapped in dough, bringing nourishment and memories wherever I go.

Also Known As:

  • English Name: Salmon Piroshky (Sam-Un Pee-roash-KEE)
  • Russian Name: Пирожки с лососем (Pee-roash-kee s lo-sos-em)
  • Chinese (simplified): 三文鱼皮罗什基 (Sānwènyú pí luō shén jī)
  • Chinese (traditional): 三文魚皮羅什基 (Sānwènyú pí luó shén jī)
  • Spanish Name: Piroshky de Salmón (Pee-roash-KEE Day Sal-Mon)
  • Korean Name: 연어 피로시키 (Yeon-eo Pee-roash-KEE)
  • Portuguese Name: Piroshky de Salmão (Pee-roash-Kee day Sal-Moh)
  • Ukrainian Name:   Пиріжки з Лососем (Py-reezh-kyy z lo-so-sem)
  • Alternate Names: Smoked Salmon Pâté Piroshky, That Little Salmon, Oily Fish, Best Seller, Phinn S. Piroshky


  • Occupation: Spokespiroshky / Brand Ambassador
  • Name: Phinn the Salmon Piroshky
  • Hometown: Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA
  • Age: 8 Years Old (eternally)
  • Birthday: 10/24/92
  • Species: Piroshky + Salmon
  • Astrological Sign: Omega-3
  • Eye Color: Black | Sometimes Brown
  • Favorite Color: Yippie Ya Yellow or Faded Red. (It’s a tie, I can’t decide!)
  • Favorite Movie: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
  • Favorite Conference: Comi-con
  • Favorite Song: The Salmon Dance by The Chemical Brothers
  • Favorite Bands: Leftover Salmon, Bread, Phish  
  • Favorite Activities: Being mixed w/ cream cheese in a mixing bowl, Traveling, Sharing Piroshky love, and Warming hearts and hands everywhere.
  • Hobbies: Sports, all kinds! Baking, Traveling & making new friends. 


Phinn the Salmon Piroshky plays sports in various local leagues.Omega-3s help keeps Phinn fit & active on multiple teams making them an all-star and MVP!

Northwest Salmon League Baseball, Lox Field All-Star – Phinn the Salmon Piroshky!
  • Washington Salmon Fish Football League – Wild Receiver
  • Seattle Salmon Adult Soccer Association – Farmed Winger
  • Northwest Salmon League Baseball – Lox Field

Who’s that Piroshky?

With a flair for the dramatic and as a master of disguise, Phinn the Salmon Piroshky can often be seen in various costumes & outfits depending on the occasion. You never know where they’ll pop up next!