Pack to School

Just in time for the school year, Piroshky Piroshky is excited to offer Piroshky Packs, the economical new way to purchase frozen piroshky, available exclusively through our Free Local Delivery service.

Savory Piroshky Packs include five frozen, fully baked pies and are available in four best-selling flavors: Smoked Salmon Pâté; Beef & Cheese; Potato & Cheese; and Bacon, Hash Brown, Egg & Cheese.

Sweet Piroshky Packs include six frozen, fully baked pies and are available in our three best-selling flavors: Moscow Roll, Marzipan Roll, or Chocolate Cream Hazelnut Roll.

Piroshky Packs are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re looking for an easy after-school snack or a quick and satisfying family dinner. Whichever Pack you choose, you’re sure to make the whole table smile.

Sweet or Savory, Piroshky Packs are also the perfect way to save, and you can feel great about serving your family a meal made with only the finest ingredients guaranteed to satisfy.

Order now, and any Piroshky Pack delivered before September 15 will include an additional piroshky for FREE!

Get the school year started right by ordering a Piroshky Pack today. ✨