10 Best Things About Piroshky

Piroshky is a treat beloved by generations, and for good reason! From their scrumptious fillings to their fluffy dough exterior, these scrumptiously delicious pastries are sure to leave your taste buds wanting more. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or something special – piroshky has got it all! Still don’t believe us? Here are the 10 Best things about piroshky!

Washington Grown: Growing the Perfect Potato

Discover the secret behind Piroshky Piroshky’s delectable menu item flavors in Season 10 Episode 1 of Washington Grown on PBS, titled ‘Growing the Perfect Potato’.

Piroshky Piroshky donates 3% of monthly sales to Teen Feed!

Beginning November 1st, guests can help Piroshky Piroshky give back when they visit our store or piroshkybakery.com and make a purchase. During November, 3% of all retail sales will be donated to Teen Feed. Shop online at PiroshkyBakery.com or any of our stores to help give back and share #piroshkylove this November.